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Motherhood is not always what we expect it to be. What you imagined as a loving and blissful time may feel very dark and lonely.  You may not feel connected to your baby or your partner. You may feel sad or irritable. You may have intrusive or scary thoughts. You may not feel like yourself at all.  

I am here to help.  Working together, we can help you feel much better, build the bond with your baby, and redirect your motherhood journey to the path that you'd hoped for.  

I believe that our well-being so often lies in our relationships with others.  Our relationships, both past and present, often define who we are and can be a great source of strength in our journey toward wellness.  I believe that your relationship with me - the therapeutic relationship - is no different.  Working as allies, we can explore and work through your problem situations.

I can help with the following issues:

  • Perinatal Depression

  • Perinatal Anxiety

  • Perinatal OCD

  • Perinatal PTSD

  • Birth Trauma

  • Infant Loss

  • Miscarriage

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